Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skull Tank-O-Lanterns

Since Skull Appreciation Day is just days away we are going to start filling our blog with skully goodness in anticipation starting now.

These became instantly wildly popular. With that we are the kind of people to normally not keep the idea to ourselves but write a tutorial on how you can do it and empower yourself. We thought long and hard on this one and this time will not offer you the tutorial but an explanation why we think this is a bad idea for the average person. If you still have the tools and want to try it after that, more power to you just be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

At it's core the project is a simple one, I draw on the tank with a water based marker so it wipes off later and Scott cuts the designs out with a plasma torch, then we install a light. There really is not more to it than that on a work level


These tanks were filled with gas,
not the fun laughing kind but the kind that can kill you. 
We ALWAYS open the valves all the way when we get them then toss them out in the yard for weeks. Even doing this and trying to be careful Scott has pierced a few that still had not leaked all their gas out.
When putting flame to the gas in these tanks you create mustard gas. Now the problem with Mustard Gas is most people never initially realize it has effected them, it often takes 24 hours for signs of gas poisoning to start to take effect.
Trust me, you do not want to accidentally expose yourself to this stuff. 

Now when I go to design them Scott pulls a bunch for me first and quick pierces them with the torch them quickly tosses them back outside. I leave them a bit before I pick them up to draw on them just to make sure if there was any bit of gas left in it that it is now gone.

This is why we have never written a tutorial about this. 
If you are curious, have a torch and tanks and want to try it but have questions, just ask. We work but should be able to get back with you within a day and would rather feel good about you walking into a project with your eyes wide open as opposed to us accidentally getting you killed.

If you want to bag trying to make them at all we sell them rather reasonably and do take custom orders for no additional charge through Scott's Artfire Store.

Happy Skull Appreciation Day everyone, even if it is early.
and whatever your make, make it safely

you can click on any of the pics to enlarge them if you so desire.