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Monday, September 1, 2014

September Calaca Winner - Nathan Eaton Jr.

1. Nathan Eaton Jr.
2. Mealika Brown
3. Justin FU
4. Bernd Rubel
5. Damien Connaughton
6. Kori Dawn

Only 6 comments on this speed round. Ran into it picked #1 - Nathan Eaton Jr.
I will be grabbing one of your photos and will have it up for you on the blog by tomorrow.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Calaca Giveaway

For those of you that have seen my 500 people as sugar skulls project but were unable to get on the list. This is your chance to possibly grab one. I am going to start to giving away one a month. This round will run till Monday morning the 1st at 2pm eastern time. 

Leave one comment here and on Monday I will run the comments into and pick a winner at random. Comments must be left to this blog post If you have a problem leaving a comment you can e-mail me at and ask me to hand write you in. 

You MUST have a head shot on profile I can easily grab or I randomize and pick again. If I am not your friend on facebook you MUST e-mail me a photo. 
This is for ONE person, just you. No couples, families, kids or pets please.

I do have a listing for digital copies for those interested in that as well

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The Calaca Project Old School Edition - Amanda Stephenson

Click the pic to enlarge, right click save as to abscond with
This new series with spots of color is specific to friends I have known for years off the internet.