Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scott and the Nope Tank-O-Lantern.

  Quickly - I am sorry it has been over a year since I blogged. I am sill on the internet but without a 365 project I let the blog fall by the wayside. Hopefully I will pick it back up and I will leave links to all my new stuff at the end of this.

  So we are getting into the Fourth season of Scott and I creating Tank-O-Lanterns Our skills have improved vastly and it is something we really look forward to. Every year I grab a pile of tanks and just start designing whatever comes to mind. Every year there is one tank that I design that Scott looks at and says nope, not doing it.
  The very first year we did this I took inspiration from a painting in Tim White's Chiaroscuro of this vine made out of anthropomorphic beings. People vines. This would be the first nope tank. In a way it made me sad, I put it back in my studio in the corner and would look at it sometimes. It took a minute to really be able to fully understand what his limitations were cutting wise for me to be able to better design for.
  This year as I am gathering blanks I look back at the people vines tank and think to myself - want. I grab it. I decide to rework the lines into something less rigid hoping maybe this would be easier to cut and I bring it out to him. I get the oh god she is bringing me that thing glance of disapproval. I say I know, I know but just think about trying. He agreed. Today he cut the tank. Should I be this excited? I dunno but it has bee a few years that I have been waiting to see what kind of shadows it would cast.

I Love it!
Tanks that are currently available for purchase can be found in out Artifre shop.

We also started a taco cult