Thursday, June 26, 2014

Michael Olona Calaca

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bonus Disco Pope

for +Steve Brown because he likes to play cards.
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Calaca pop up contest winner - Josh Sabboth

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Calaca Shar!

July Calaca Winner - +Shar Banning
I still really enjoy drawing people as sugar skulls. I wish I could still fit it into my daily routine. Untill then keep your eyes peeled for when I do my next giveaway!

July Calaca Giveaway Winner! - #9 +Shar Banning

Good morning everyone! As promised I am doing a drawing for me drawing one of you as a black and white sugar skull. I am going to be doing one a month so if you missed out this time there is always next time. I also need to find a better way to include facebook or make sure those people understnd to comment on the link NOT facebook for easy in me copying names over.
Without further ado, here is the list of names of people that left a comment.

1. Dave Hill
2. Troy Young
3. Nathan Eaton Jr.
4. Cindy Ehrlich
5. Brennan Russell
6. Pursuit Happitarian
7. Jooles C
8. Clare Cosgrove4
9. Shar Banning
10. Chris Bagley
11. Gizmo Sane
12. Samantha Dunaway Bryant
13. Saji Saju
14. stella ortiz
15. Lorn J. Fant
16. Darian Drake
17. Valerie Clark
18. Slade O'Brien
19. Samantha Dunaway Bryant
20. Timothy Wright
21. Damien Connaughton
22. Jenny Bee
23. Molotov Murphy
24. Kei Bjork
25. Vince Licata
26. Kristi Buchanan
27. Lee Yarbrough
28. Nicholas Roberts
29. Amanda Harding
30. Michelle Chevallier
31. Danielle N Chris C
32. Shawna Reynolds
33. Elizabeth M. Anderson
34. Jenn PeacePrincess Detlefsen
35. Christine Bisnotch Nelson
36. Valerie Michelle
37. Anna Mall
38. Carl L Hime III
39. Maira Watts
40. Desi Berry
41. Lizzy Ewing
42. Tarra Leavelle
43. Amanda Walker Miller
44. Teresa Mason
45. Corinn Morrison
46. Misslindy
47. Clarissa Vincent
48. Jac Rozon
49. Amber Reno
50. Mady Giuliani

I ran 1-50 into and it ipcked #9 +Shar Banning

So I will be grabbing a photo from you soon and getting to work. Give me a few hours and I should have it up and live here on the blog to be grabbed. Thanks to everyone for the support and like I said earlier just keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Calaca Giveaway

For those of you that have seen my 500 people as sugar skulls project but were unable to get on the list. This is your chance to possibly grab one. I am going to start to giveaway one a week. This round will run till Monday morning the 9th at 11am eastern time.

Leave one comment here and on Mponday I will run the comments into and pick a winner at random. Comments must be left to this blog post If you have a problem leaving a comment you can e-mail me at and ask me to hand write you in.

You MUST have a head shot on profile I can easily grab or I randomize and pick again. If I am not your friend on facebook you MUST e-mail me a photo.
This is for ONE person, just you. No couples, families, kids or pets please.