Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipse Power Tube 2012

We tend to do stuff on the weekend.  The coming eclipse has got us excited, especially since Yucca Flats is in optimal viewing zone.  Clouds need to stay away.

I decided I needed to use some foil tape and seal up this tube.

Big hole is for viewing, the small pin hole allows the sun to project toward the bottom of the tube.  Put some fancy white paper down there to make it prettier.

This the view from the eyehole.  Weird to line up with your eye super close, so keep your head away until you ge the image on the bottom of the tube.  We also added some pimping red duct tape to get rid of the blinding glare from the foil tape.  Remember, looking at the sun for any length of time is stupid, no matter how many filters or the whatnot you use.  Be safe.