Friday, May 4, 2012

introducing doggie play land

So by now you should all know we have a neurotic jack russel terrier that hates just about everything. Recently we rented the upstairs apartment to a friend we knew with two small female dogs. Thank dog they get along. I want my dog to not be a crazy jerk and have fun social time and play and be active.

So now that he has friends I was in a scramble to try to find them a safe place to play. My dog alone I have a really long lead for, with three dogs it quickly becomes a tangled nightmare. So I kept going out back and shivering at the idea that there was a stretch of land back there piled up with dead leaves and things we did not want to get rid of but mostly had forgotten about.

I spent the next three days organizing, cleaning, raking, and trying to make a pseduo urban oasis back there where I could let the dogs play without worrying about them running out into the busy street. Humor my gate system as I do plan on installing a proper one when I have money this was just something I did in a pinch so my dog could have some play time. I should have taken before shots and you have to understand some of the stuff we still need and has to stay so it is what it is but my honeysuckle are in full bloom and it smells wonderful out there.

Just past the chimineas lies doggie land