Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plants in the yard

We got some Honeysuckle growing in the back fence line.  It smells great and covers up the chain link fence.

Pampus grass is looking pretty bad at the moment.   Most of the stuff will be blooming in the coming weeks.  This guy was over 8 feet tall, but he got trimmed when we put in the new windows.
Red tip Yuccas are super easy to take care of.  Water when you remember, if you forget, they'll probably be just fine.

You can apparently make some pretty good tea from the petals.

This cactus nightmare started out with two ears and a small stem of Cholla.  The Cholla will have some great purple flowers, the lower cactus will have bright yellow blooms.

This is an Ocotillo, not a cactus.  It's considered a woody shrub, but usually doesn't thrive this far north, but I've had great success.  In the next couple weeks these super bright orange flowers will appear on the tips.  Then the Hummingbirds start to show up.

 I will shoot some new pics when everything blooms.