Friday, October 21, 2016

31 days of Tank-O-Lanterns. Day 21 - Klatu Veratu Necktie

  This is my favorite time of year, october and decorating for Halloween. I also really love shooting tanks so I am going to use my blog to feature photos of a different tank every night during the month of October.

What is a Tank-O-Lantern?

Anyone that knows me knows this is just one of those things I HAD to do. I will always count Evil Dead 2 as one of my top ten favorite horror comedies of all time. I was half tempted to make a tank of the laughing deer head but this will suffice.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Tanks that are currently available for purchase can be found in our
Artifre shop.

Correction to flyer - We will be open every Saturday night in October from 7-9. We usually start openings at 6 but it is still a bit bright for the tanks to properly shine. Just drop on in!