Thursday, October 20, 2016

31 days of Tank-O-Lanterns. Day 20 - For Protection

  This is my favorite time of year, october and decorating for Halloween. I also really love shooting tanks so I am going to use my blog to feature photos of a different tank every night during the month of October.

What is a Tank-O-Lantern?

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In my travels I picked up a bracelet covered in little blue eyes that I was told was for protection. This made me do a little research when I got home which led me to the Hamsa. Eyes have always held facination for me so I had to tackle this wonderous idea.

Tanks that are currently available for purchase can be found in our
Artifre shop.

Correction to flyer - We will be open every Saturday night in October from 7-9. We usually start openings at 6 but it is still a bit bright for the tanks to properly shine. Just drop on in!