Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vape Stand Winner

Vape stand contest winner.
Ok I run this fair and easy. I took every comment in order and assigned them a number. I will run 1-22 into to pick a winner.

1. Rob Kean
2. Earl Engle
3. Shane D.
4. T Frensdorf
5. Nancy Bout
6. Vaping Zen
6. Emily Christopher
8. Dion Gilyard
9. Josh Thompson
10. Daniel Tomaka
11. Josh Sabboth
12. Jen Smith
13. Alex Levy
14. Ingrid Padwa
15. Knight Wolf
16. Mike Gianetti
17. Annie Vapes
18. abimael diaz
19. Alex Brown
20. S Mac
21. Daniel Tomaka
22. james christian

Random chose #4 by my list that is +T Frensdorf

Thanks to everyone who came to look and play. I will do this again in the future when I become more established.