Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calaca Winner

Ok I run this fair and easy. I took every comment in order and assigned them a number. I will run 1-21 into to pick a winner.

1. Davy Naidoo
2. Michael Peacock
3. Lindsay Mills
4. Daniel Tomaka
5. Jessica Shimin
6. Kat Marino
7. Pursuit Happitarian
8. Annie Vapes
9. Vaping Zen
10.Bruce Aguirre
11.Russell Sharpe
12.Sarra Robinson
13.Karin Taljaard
14.Emilie Smith
15.mary Zeman
16.George Griffin
17.Mealika Brown
18.Baroness Linda Baron1
19.Tomás Ó Maoinaigh
20.Ralph Uy
21.Klay Kracka

Random came up with #14 - +Emilie Smith
So Emilie I will be stealing one of your photos and getting to work ok it.