Monday, October 8, 2012

Month in Review - September

Ok, ok, this is really late in the coming but better late than never.

Scott has two things going on.
1. He got a new camera. A real one. Now to learn how to use it.
2. He is working his way through painting his characters one by one on a whole ream of card stock. He is crunching through it much faster then I thought he would.

Me, gearing up for HALLOWEEN!
I have added so many new coloring pages I am not going to list them individually, click the link.
I already have an ongoing 366 mail art project that can be found here...
but for fun since we have so many tanks I am doing a mini project on Google Plus of
30 days of stuff glowing on our porch.

Together we thought it would be a good idea to sit down and write a post called
What is a Tank-O-Lantern? Since so many people ask  what it is and how we make them.

For the record, Scott and I no longer use Facebook but we can both be found daily playing on Google Plus. If you are on Plus come play with us Scott's page and My Page

As usual we did turn around and list a whole new line of Halloween tanks, 13 of them to be exact.
That collection can be found for sale here in our store.

If for some reason it is just not in your budget this Halloween season to buy one of our tanks, we do understand that. So in conjunction with Skull-A-Day  we are giving one away!
Click this link and leave a comment on the original blog post

Seriously, Go NOW!!!! Now! Contest ends Oct 10th. You have less than two days! Just do it!

we are giving away this bad boy, you know you want it so hurry on over. 

Expect a lot more fun coming up this Halloween / Dia de los Muertos season!