Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wenchkin's 366 project is ending soon. Did YOU get some?

  There are certain things I do not blog here simply because I blog them elsewhere. One being my 366 Mail Art project. I originally decided to start it over on my brand new Google Plus page since unlike Facebook I was not going to be stuck at an image limit of 200 photos per folder. That is not even close to enough for a 366 project and I did not want to split it up. It can be found in it's entirety right here. For those that for some reason do not like Google Plus I also do blog the whole project over on Modern Rosies.

  I have less than two months left of this project. I have never put out a mail call on my blog for no real reason. So I thought I would offer to you, our readers a chance for a piece of my 366 Mail Art project before it is over. I do not sell your address, spam you or anything of the sort.
  I do have a few rules, or rather one. I only send mail to you. Not your kid, your better half, someone else you know. If you yourself would like a card I need to email me a physical mailing address to
  Please do not add addresses to comments or email addresses for me to write you. I keep one folder in gmail for all my mailing list addresses and I work off it hence why I want you to mail me there.
  So 53 days means 53 more cards will go out before the project ends.

People I have mailed in the past - Do I have your current address? Did you move?
Send me your new digits.

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