Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Month in Review - August

I know, I know when I started this I said I was going to do a week in review but now that more than a few weeks have rolled by I do not see that weekly is needed per se and Scott is going out of town for a courier trip for ten days so it will not be as easy for him to blog or get any art done.

With that said we are coming on probably at least two weeks of no new tanks so Scott kicked it into gear and cut out and listed a new set before getting ready to leave. Instead of uploading 14 pictures of the 7 new tanks I made a little gif.

Those as well as the rest of the tanks we currently have available can be found here...

Scott also played with doing a few shoots of his sculptures during the course of the day to track the shadows as they move across the ground.

I followed him around just shooting pictures.

I also bought and colored myself a little kids 8x10 velvet poster

Since sometimes it is fun for me to color something that is not my own.
Speaking of that, here are the coloring pages that have recently been added.

Dia de los Heisenberg
Dia de los Dexter
Dia de los Maneki Neko
Dia de los Adam West 
The Burning of Zozobra which is a yearly event that happens here two days from today.

and Pabst has decided that cardboard boxes are all the rage this fall.

I think that just about covers the good stuff you might have missed.