Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week in Review - 8/12-8/19

Well last weekend I spaced doing a week in review mostly since we used the whole weekend to do whatever Scott wanted to for his birthday.

After that we did get right back into the swing of things and I added two new fan suggested coloring pages and one I just wanted to do for the lulz.
The Empress Tarot Card
My little skeletal mermaid
and ermahgerd - calaca all the memes

On one of our usual walks in the park we saw a balloon touch down. Our dog hates balloons.

We then discovered Reeces Puffs Muffin mix, decided it was good but needed something.
The answer is more peanut butter.

Since we had been on a roll making new tanks this weekend we let all of our tanks go on sale till monday morning (tomorrow) So if you were thinking about buying one of the one we already made, now is your chance to go grab them at 25% off. 
You can find all the ones currently available for sale here

Then Scott decided to tear something open just to see what was inside
you would do it if you could

Then I will leave you with shots of the new tanks that were finished yesterday and today to be listed tomorrow afternoon. Sorry new ones will not be included in this sale.

you can also click on the pictures to enlarge them if you so desire.