Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Naturally ridding your garden of pests with Tobacco Tea.

  So this morning I am in the middle of pulling my cosmo plants out since they are covered in aphids and I do not want them spreading to my bell peppers and eggplant. I do a little reading on the webs as usual and decide to attempt to make some garlic oil and spray it on the plants as a natural alternative. No sooner then I get out there and start spraying my neighbor comes over to ask what I am doing so I tell him. He knows WAY more about plants than I ever will so he offers some advice. Stop what I am doing and make some tobacco tea to spray on the plants. And I do so, and it works so well I am now here to tell you to do the same thing.

 I am a smoker, I have smokes around, if you do not go buy yourself a cheap bag of drum or better yet top rolling tobacco, I think those are the cheapest. I used a 32 oz cup to brew, I twisted out all my cigarette butts into it, if you are using loose rolling tobacco a pouch should be enough for you to do this three or four times, I would start with a quarter of the pouch  and add boiling water and let it steep for five minutes. Now I have a secondary coffee maker that is broken I pulled the basket for to strain the tobacco back out.

Now before you go and go gross I am not a smoker tobacco when it is not on fire has a nice sweet smell to it you may be surprised by as it steeps, this will not smell like a lit cigarette.

I simply waited for it to cool, stuck it in an extra spray bottle and went out and liberally applied it to the effected plants early in the morning. Here I am a few hours later to say I have no idea where most of the bugs have gone but thankfully they are no longer on my plants. It worked like a charm for me.

So tobacco tea, I learned something useful today!