Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go Local? Try Grow Local!

Now I myself am a city girl, I love the outdoors but I love indoor plumbing more. I love electronics and the conveniences of this modern age however I also like the concept of living off the grid. Had our neighbors not come over and given us a bunch of seedlings we would probably not be container gardening but here we are. Now that I have been container gardening I want to full on run with it and LOVE the idea of growing my own food.

A few months back we were given a bunch of eggplant and bell pepper seedlings. Living in new mexico and the fact our soil is more sand I knew I could not just stick these in the ground. We picked the shadiest place at the back of the house and cut the tops off a few tanks and grabbed a plastic bucket. Not the greatest looking garden but no one but me sees it and it makes me hella happy I am managing to grow these things out here despite the heat.

Now I am no expert so I will not be the person to tell you how to do this all but try googling container gardening and people who do it better than I have already been doing this for years.

I did get a late start on this year and since I live in the desert next year I am going to shoot for starting seeds indoors in february to get a good jump on and we do plan to make more of an actual full garden next year. We are going to be building a large metal version of a bottle garden for outside and I will most likely start everything inside using the recycled bottle garden method shown here

I will be adding pictures to my weekly update as things grow, at the moment I have a few baby peppers growing and the eggplant are just now starting to bloom.