Monday, June 11, 2012

Taking back facebook - my 2 cents

If you use facebook you have to be aware that is has been slowly changing. If you have a page with more than 400 fans I am sure you noticed the new promoted posts section. I myself thought my fan interaction dropped off a bit ago and I could not figure out why. Other people I know stated the same thing. Some people told us we were crazy. Now that I have had time to read up on *active fans* it is apparent that your page is not being viewed by all the people that like your page anymore, only your active fans. According to them your page's active fans are probably only about 10% of the people that actually liked your page.

Now outside of all this I have had my own issues with the site and have been deleted multiple times along with at least 30 other people I know.  What I learned from all of this was that those people really did want my content and went straight back to my page and liked it again with their new account turning them for the time being into active fans. My stats currently show I reach 25% of my fans instead of the usual 10%.

I think there are two factors involved here.
1. New fans are instantly deemed active until the time allowed that slips them into inactive and I have no idea how long that takes.
2. When I started noticing drop off I started talking to other page owners and we made a pact to try to at least like or comment on something once a week so we are able to continue to see each others feeds.

I for the most part do not think you as a page owner can do anything about the percentage of fan base you reach other than reaching out to your fans and letting them know if they want to keep seeing you show up in their feed it is on them to remain active.

This is where you need to enable yourself and your friends to go back in and take back your pages as an individual. I opened up the section of all the pages I have liked, established if I really do like them and want their content, unliked them if I did not and unliked pages I actually do like to like it again to hopefully kick me back into being active and for good measure I left a few likes and a comment while I was there.

The only way you are really going to get your numbers up is to educate people on what it is to be an active fan, and you yourself strive to be a more active fan to the pages you like. Do not allow apathy to allow you to slip into becoming inactive. If you like content in your steam from pages it is on you as the user to keep it there.

I myself as a page owner will not pay to promote posts as most of what I put out are free coloring pages, tutorials and just pictures of my art to share. I do not want to pay to spam people about it. If you want my stuff, you will come for it and that makes me happy. But I can not afford 5 bucks a post for three days so all my fans will see my free coloring page. Sorry folks. 

However if you have a page you want me to pay attention to and give a like, by all means let me know since I am still rebuilding facebook to be what I want.