Sunday, June 3, 2012

Skull Appreciation Day Blog Hop & more

If you like skulls even a fraction of what I do then you must know June 4th is Skull Appreciation Day brought to us by the fine folks at Skull-A-Day every year they have all sorts of fun skull related features on their site. So much so many of their fans decided to jump in since there is too much awesome for just one spot. So ALL these other blogs promised to have skull related art, crafts and more for you to browse. Some of them are hosting giveaways and other fun. So please go check them out. I have been slowly lurking them since I got the links 

Scott and I had a rather ambitious project we are not going to have finished in time today as we thought but we had wanted to do a light up table of sorts. It is currently in progress, this is the before shot

Then I started adding in elements for Scott to later cut out with his plasma torch

We will keep you updated as it progresses. We did however manage to kick out a bunch more of our upcycled refrigeration tanks we use as permanent jack o lanterns that we call Tank-O-Lanterns. I HAD to finish this one in time for today

The whole line of them can be found here on Scott's site as we have about 16 different ones and only 4 more are skulls.

I also kicked out a new coloring page for today and that can be found here

Hopefully if I have time I will squeeze in one more skully project today if I have time.

And lastly for Skull Appreciation Day do not forget I have a giveaway going on like many others here on the hop, mine can be found
So go get on it, what are you waiting for?

Also, do not forget the blog hop, I spent the last hour clicking through, commenting and really enjoying all the projects everyone has shared that they have done

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