Friday, June 29, 2012

Something for US

So I rarely sit down and say "Ya know, I am going to paint myself something today." Scott and I recently moved into what is now officially "our place" we chose paint colors and the whole nine yards. We are one closet away from being completely settled, we hung art, it has been quite fun.

Except the living room. We chose a yellow and we do not have enough small stuff or the right large piece to really work with the space above the couch. So to me it feels odd that here we are two artists and when you walk into the first room of the house you are assaulted by bare walls.

Since I had materials and a little bit of time I finally did think "Ya know, I am going to paint myself something today." So I set out to make a simple muerto of Scott, Myself, and a really large one of our dog since neither Scott or I are that vain but our dog loves the attention. 
I started out with these three panels 

I took one day of prep and it should only take me a day each to finish out the other pieces now that I have the background yellow mapped out and I am just down to filling in. 

I will add more pictures later after I am finished with the set, just wanted to let you see what I have been doing lately. No your eyes are not screwy, our dog is missing a leg. The outline should only have three legs.