Monday, February 20, 2012

Upcoming changes at the Flat

So many things going on here so I thought I would sit down for a second to tell you all about them. Scott and I are going to be moving from the second story apartment here to the one downstairs closer to Scott's studio. This will also give me my own whole print shop space so it will be an exciting and busy time for us in the next month or two.

We already acquired a new renter who is a good friend so that is a load off.

When we move the upstairs apartment will be vacant for about two to three weeks while we redo the floors, clean, paint and all those fun things about refreshing an old place. We were thinking for fun that what we might do while the apartment is empty would be to stage a 3 day show there. The last weekend of the month we are thinking about leaving the apartment open and turning the whole thing into a gallery for us not only to play with the idea of installations but to be able to photograph a lot of our things. We will use this time also as an open house / art sale for those interested or to anyone curious that just wants to check it out.

Someone had asked us if we would include other local artists and we are open to it just unsure how to go about it and pull it all together but if this sounds like something fun you might like to jump into, contact us.

We will keep you updated when we know more.