Friday, February 3, 2012

So I made a couple drawingeerings today

I'm preparing to build one of many paper sculptures this morning.

taken by Carolyn Curtis, early in the day.  Coffee in tow!
Just some basic tools needed.  Pencils, sharpeners, knife, straight edge or two, paper, and a stencil.  

I'm using a larger sheet of paper to layout the marching orders.

I've been using a stencil to repeat character forms.  Each one gets hand drawn a little differently.  The idea of the herd moving is more important than individual characters. 

Once they get drawn, it's time to cut!  The cutting is the hardest part, but the immediate reward is well worth it.  Tom Petty was wrong!

Now I fold each character into the upright position.  Nobody likes a lazy lil' guy.

The dog likes to play CEO during my stretches.

Stack up the paper and you have a completed paper stack herd.  

One more stack to finish tomorrow.  My hands need beer.  Also needed to show the carnage of pencils for  the three stacks above.

7 pencils, little bit of eraser, one sharpener, and 7 pencils turned into one almost full soup can of shavings.  I might be able to get a little more use out of a couple of them, but not much.  It's beer appreciation evening at Yucca Flats, so go get one, or two.