Monday, April 28, 2014

Last week of April Calaca winner.

Ok I run this fair and easy. I took every comment in order and assigned them a number. I will run 1-13 into to pick a winner.

1. Emilie Smith
2. Tammy TaDow
3. Clarissa Vincent
4. Sean Epperson
5. Shawna Reynolds
6. Rusty Melonballer
7. Kimberly Wasson
8. amy ruggles
9. Nathan D. Jones
10. Toni Karas
11. Megan Burgess
12. Jon Flaherty
13. I.J.S. Babcock (ian)

So came up with #3 +Clarissa Vincent . Clarissa I will grabbing your photo shortly and getting to work.

Come beack this weekend for another shot at grabbing one!