Thursday, April 24, 2014

An update on what we are doing and the future of the blog.

Good morning all. Time for an update now that my Calaca-A-Day project is over. I have a great many things planned but seem to not be so good at figuring how how much time they will take me. I spent a good amount of time making stands for e-cigarette supplies out of recycled wooden pieces from old furniture. I will be uploading some to my own shop later this afternoon but until then you can find Alice in Vapeland carrying a good selection of my stands here. We are also sponsoring a Sunday morning vape show on If you are up tune in to Fireywife at 10am est for a chance to win one of my smaller stands here. You can generally find us lurking the vape shows any given evening as Wenchkin and aknucklehead.

Scott and I recently did our first art bazaar outdoor market and learned a great amount of things andmay be open to do it again in the future. We did not sell a whole ton of stuff but we gained a whole lot of experience and talked to a great many people. We need to get on getting ourselves new business cards, postcards and buttons as we have run out.

As far as this blog goes, I asked people what they would like to see from us. General consensus came up with more art, vape building tutorials and horror reviews. Interesting mix. I will most likely launch a Calaca giveaway in the next 24 hours as well as work on shooting a protank coil rebuild photo tutorial. Horror reviews I will think a bit more on and I am thinking of tossing in a smattering of local whatnot. We are still open to suggestions.

For the next week we will be busy with commission projects and plan on a vape friendly paint hangout in the upcoming weeks, If you are local and would like to join us to come make stuff or as we call it playtime for big kids, let us know and we can add you to our mailing list of events held here at Yucca Flats.

You can also find me lurking your vape hangouts on the Plus as Carolyn Curtis before and after vapeon shows.