Thursday, March 6, 2014

Calaca Drawing winner is - +George Griffin

Ok I run this fair and easy. I took every comment in order and assigned them a number. I will run 1-26 into to pick a winner.

1. Rob Kean
2. Pursuit Happitarian
3. daniel perez illangua
4. Annie Vapes
5. Kendyl Peebles
6. Kat Marino
7. Guido Richter
8. Curtis Wenzel
9. George Griffin
10.Kendyl Peebles
11.Gareth Headland
13.Michelle Thompson
14.Scott Blaydes
15.Mark Hall
16.Diego Perez
17.Michelle Thompson
18.Chris Bagley
19.Richard Harlos
20.Scott Williams
21.Deborah Vasquez
22.Kimberly Wasson
23.Tammy Frazier
24.Will Higgins
25.Donovan James King
26.Danno Zarek

Random came up with #9 - +George Griffin
So George I will be stealing one of your photos and getting to work ok it.