Thursday, March 13, 2014

365 days of Vaping and how it changed my life.

So what is Vaping? Inhaling nicotene mixed into propelene glycol, vegetable gylcerine and flavoring via an personal vaporizer or more commonly know as electronic cigarettes.

I have smoked for over 20 years and was a slave to the habit. For some people kicking the habit is the hardest thing they have ever faced. For me this was an addiction. I could not do without it without becoming homicidal. It made me sick, I had many sinus issues. Bronchitis every year. And that smoker's cough. I would get up every morning and hack for a good 20 minutes.

I tried to quit using every method currently on the market, patches, gum, lozenges, drugs. Nothing worked. I could not go more than three days without failing and buying cigarettes. Part of this was also that my drug was so readily available. It was easier for me to find cigarettes than patches and gums. Two years ago my mom bought me my first ecigarette and I did my best for two weeks to try to use it and kick the habit with this little machine that looked like a cigarette. This also failed me. A year rolled by and I found myself once again disgusted with myself and thought maybe I just did not try hard enough.

So one year ago today the corner store by me started carrying ecigarettes and liquid. Previous to this I was using pre filled cartridges and I thought well maybe refilling will work for me this time. So I coughed up 50 bucks for a new machine and some liquid and tried again. This time was different. This was actually working. I ended up buying an even better machine and never looked back.

So what was different this time around? As much as I see njoy ecigarettes around they failed me for two reasons. One being that the prefilled carts dried out too fast and the second being the battery life would give me 45 minutes of vape time then needed to charge for 5 hours. After buying a battery that would last me a whole day with a backup battery and filling my own liquid I had the next best thing to the hand to mouth habit of smoking. Instant gratification.

I like that I am seeing ecigarettes at gas stations now but it also makes me sad that it is mostly the same style of njoy that failed me. This makes me think other people may think vaping may also not work for them. To this I would suggest you do some research and buy an ego style battery, an mvp 2 or anything but something that looks like a cigarette. Be ok with using a different style machine and this is a new habit. I replaced burning nicotene for vaporized. No more nasty ashtray smell as smoke is not even close to the same as vapor.

Do I think it is safe? I have no idea, I would venture to say no. What I do know is 9 days after I switched my sense of smell returned. Within 6 months I could begin to jog again without pain and becoming easily winded. I smell better, I look better, I feel better.

Some people are happy just swapping the old habit for the new. I myself want to free myself of the nicotene monkey on my back and I set a schedule for myself to step my nicotene levels down every three month currently bringing me down to mostly 0 nic. I still have one tank with a bit of 3 in it for when the habit rears it's head but I am almost over it. I feel really good about this.

I thought I was going to smoke forever and die from a smoking related disease. I feel like vaping saved me from that and I highly reccommend it to others that have tried and failed. I met a great bunch of people in The Vaping Group on google plus that help support each other, swap gear and troubleshoot problems. They along with the fine folks at Alice in Vapeland have become invaluable to me in helping me to get here.

It has been one year today for me and I am here to help anyone. Others helped me to get here and I am more than happy to pay that forward. I know it may seem intimidating at first but I am so happy I made this step.