Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Jar Days 3 & 4

I saw a post of someone writing down good things that happened to them and putting them in a jar to reflect on at the end of the year. I very much enjoyed this idea and thought I would run with it. I have this large glass kitchen container I am not using for anything in particular why not turn it into a time capsule in the making. I think I want to try to run with this being another 365 day project as there has got to be at least one thing a day that happened to me that is memorable in some way.

I missed the 3rd. Funny part is I finished my drawing of the day and this is the 3rd 365 project I have started so I guess I was bound to miss something somewhere eventually.

January 3rd

  I flaked. I had a headache last night. Ate soup + laid down on the couch. Maybe two projects a day is too many. I am still going to try to follow through.

 - New Slippers -

January 4th

  Finally started painting again today. I had not felt like doing it for weeks.