Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quick microcoil with cotton rebuild on octopus rda

The octopus is a great starter dripper as you need no tools to get it going. For this I am shosing to use sterile cotton and 32 wire as 32 uses less wraps to get a higer resistance and that is what I prefer to run in vv/vw machines.

I use my Chinese take out handle and wrap the wire 6 times around it then pinch the wire to get the coils as tighly wrapped as possible

Cut off the excess to make it easier to thread

Thread it through the holes and screw it down

Remove take out post you coiled on and test test test, looks good, cut off the excess wire

Fire that bad boy up to make sure it fires evenly from the inside of the coil out. This also helps burn off any excess kanthal dust.

I then stick the takeout coiler back on to make sure the coils are spaced properly and I have the coil lined up to hover right above the air hole on the deck. Then when I am happy I take it back out.

Time to wick, I use this much cotton then roll it between my fingers trying to turn it into a thread

I then cut the end off as that little part can make yuo trying to thread it a nightmare. If I have no cutters I fire the coil and burn the little end hair off, let the coil cool then thread it.

Now I never just nail it and get the whole thing through. I shoot for just getting it to poke out the other side of the coil then I grab some tweezers to pull the rest of it through.

Note - you want your cotton to be able to easily move inside the coil and NOT be really tight. The juice will expand the cotton and you need to leave room for that so it runs properly.

I then take the ends of the wicks and coil then around the posts and up and tuck the ends on top of the coil. Now there are a million ways to wick this tank this is what I prefer, not right or wrong, just my preference.

I do this mostly as the octopus needs to breathe from the hole on the deck or base of the dripper so I try to not let juice get down that far or it will leak out the hole on the side. So I shoot for dripping on to the posts when I remove the drip tip so my cloud around the posts will feed back to the coil.

And always make sure you line up the breather holes on the side for best performance.

Juice that sucker up and vape on.