Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giveaway for inside the 50 us states

Yucca Flats Blogspot One year anniversary giveaway - This one is for people inside the US
1 - med womens batgirl shirt by Wenchkin
1 - xl skeletal snuffaluffagus shirt by Wenchkin
1 - med mens Timmy's Sculpture Studio gas station work shirt
1- med fancy mens cowboy shirt with Scott lil guys printed on back
1- 4x5 inch original acrylic painting by wenchkin
1- 5x7 inch original paper sculpture by Scott Krichau
4 - one inch buttons, assorted cards.
A butterfly magnet and skull on metal

Rules - we haz em. 
  • This is going to be a quickie and will end Sunday Feb 3rd at 7pm mst 
  • This first run is for INSIDE the US only
  • You must leave one comment per person here on this blog post. One entry only per person.
  • We would love it if you left us a comment stating how you found us. 
  • In your comment you MUST leave us a way of contacting you, should you win. 

All comments will receive a number in the order in which they are left, 1, 2, 3, etc. Then I will run the number of comments into to let it pick the winning number. We will then post a screen capture of the number random has chosen to the blog so everyone will openly know who won. Any spam or duplicate comments will be removed prior to the final count number to be run into the number generator. 

We will e-mail the winner privately and ship said pack at our cost via first class us postal mail.
You do not have to contact us to let us know they have arrived but it would be nice. 

If you want to bypass the contest and just buy some art all our listed art will be 25% off for the duration of the contest in our shop here...