Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Calaca-A-Day 365 Project - Day 3 - Paul B.

Day 3 - Paul Burke

For anyone I draw - you are more than welcome or rather encouraged to right click - save as download these, color and play with them if you so desire.

This 365 project was started because I have now been drawing people as skulls for three years so I think I am ready to do it daily. Having just finished a 366 mail art project having a few days off the the middle was odd and I just wanted to just right back into a daily project so here I am again. I still have plenty of space if you would like to be featured as a page. Follow the directions here.


  1. Don't forget to do me! Lol!

  2. That's awesome Carolyn. Thank you. I'm already considering growing a moustache just like the one in your picture!