Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wenchkin's 365 Calaca-a-day project sign up sheet.

Morning all. My current 366 project is just over 30 days from completion. With that I sat and thought, do I want to keep it going? Do a new 365? I finally made up my mind. Since starting the 366 mail project my morning routine now involves art and coffee and I am not ready to break that habit having the year end project come to a close. So I thought for next year I am going to switch from 366 mail art to a 365

What I propose to do - draw a person a day in my signature sugar skull style. These will be 4x5 black and whites like the examples I have shown. I will be uploading them here daily to my blog starting on Christmas Day.

If you would like to be drawn as a part of this project, here is what you need to know. You must leave a comment here stating your desire to be drawn along with a few other things.

Your comment MUST contain;
  • a link to your google plus profile or to a picture of yourself for use in the project (no facebook)
  • the name which you would like to have your picture listed as
I base all my drawings off pictures, I only take requests for you, not someone you know or are bumping uglies with. Send them to make their own request please. No couples or animals. I will not use this info to sell, spam you or anything of that nature. I want to maintain comments here as an easy list for me to work off of daily. If you feel uncomfortable leaving info in comments I understand but please leave a comment as a place marker then e-mail me your info to wenchkin@gmail.com if that makes you feel better. I will simply work off the list in order so first comment will go on christmas day and so on from there. It does not matter if I have drawn you before or not since this will be it's own new series outside of whatever play I did before.

They will look much like these.