Saturday, July 7, 2012

10k G+ fans celebration

Sometime while I slept I kicked over 10k fans on Google Plus. If you are there and do not have me but would like to, you can find my profile here. I thank everyone that joined me there as I have been using facebook less and less lately over my whole fiasco months ago. I love plus and to celebrate I am picking random people out of my circles there to draw that I have not drawn before. So if you would like a shot at a new avatar leave me a comment on my original post over there
or you can leave me one here but make sure I have your plus profile so I can alert you when I have uploaded it to my art page over there.
You can find Scott there as well.

I will pick a person a day all this week.
Thanks again to everyone who has joined me. I have very much enjoyed the time I have networked plus over the last year and am humbled so many people have come for my content.

I am adding a few of the muertos I have done in the past as an example of what I am talking about when I say I am picking a person to draw a day, it will be a black and white illustration of you skullified like these.