Friday, March 13, 2015

365 Mail Art V2 - Day 72

  If you would like to add your address to be added to my mailing list you can do that here
I do not allow people to choose what cards they get or to pick certain dates. You get what you get when it shows up in the your mail box. Mail art from me is and always will be a free project. If you insist on sending me something stamps always help me create more smiles and are always happily accepted. Everyone that signs up will get one card out of me. If you want more than one you need to send me things. I will always return mail when I recieve things. Unlike my 2012 project I will be catalogging both things I make any given day as well as things I recieved. Everything will be catalogged and blogged.

See you in the mail box!

This 365 is in part my wanting to introduce Mail Art to the people I have had the pleasure of networking with in the Jimmy the Juiceman group on facebook. Due to this you will see a LOT of fan art related to Lucky Cats.

If you want to browse the work I did for my 2012 Mail art project you can find that here