Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Calaca Winner - Beth Phipps

Good morning everyone! As promised I am doing a drawing for me drawing one of you as a black and white sugar skull. I am going to be doing one a month so if you missed out this time there is always next time. I also need to find a better way to include facebook or make sure those people understnd to comment on the link NOT facebook for easy in me copying names over.

Without further ado, here is the list of names of people that left a comment.
1. Damien Connaughton
2. rusty spur
3. Roberto3082272878 Respall
4. John Wannemacher
5. Marilyn Martini
6. Daniel Tomaka
7. Sara Garcia
8. Roger Sherman
9. Suzanne B
10. Sarra Robinson
11. byron rempel
12. Matt Lucas
13. Robert Redwoodhippie Palmer
14. Karina K
15. Kathy Morlock
16. vinyl slasher
17. Taylor Kramer
18. Brook Hewitt
19. Christine Hauck
20. Michelle Chevallier
21. Nathan Eaton Jr.
22. Laura Diaz
23. Tarra L
24. Bendy Belle
25. Kelli Grace
26. Ashley Ortega
27. Kat Marchand
29. Mara Mascaro
30. Jen Smith
31. Forrest Day
32. Josh Ferguson
33. Michael Vapors
34. Mealika Brown

I ran 1-34 into and it picked #28 Beth Phipps

So I will be grabbing a photo from you soon and getting to work. Give me a few hours and I should have it up and live here on the blog to be grabbed. Thanks to everyone for the support and like I said earlier just keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway.