Sunday, April 1, 2012

It is coloring contest time!

I have been only talking about wanting to do this FOREVER. So here it goes.

I plan to run a coloring contest every two weeks until I can not. This is round one. It will end two weeks from today so Sunday April 15th.
You can use any of the coloring pages I have created and posted to the blog here.

This "contest" I wanted to have be something anyone could play along in skilled or not so there is no real skill required and it will be based only on participation. Each entry will be assigned a number in the order they are received. Entries will be counted on the final date and the numbers will be run into to decide a winner. We will take a small video of the process so people understand it is as fair as we can be.

What do you win? An 8x10 coloring page head shot of yourself or a loved one both uploaded to the blog and the original will be mailed to your house. Please allow me a week after receiving the photo you want the illustration based off for me to complete it then an additional week for it to arrive at your door. People outside the US it may take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Every morning I will post all of the entries I have collected from the previous day and post them here to the blog. To do so you need to email them to me at label it so I know what it is. I need to know the name you would like it posted as being from if it differs from your email. I would be happy to link you if you provide me with that info.
i.e. write me something like - here is my coloring contest entry I know my email says carolyn curtis but would you please list is as colored by wenchkin and hot link my name to my facebook/google+page/blog/website.
If you would like to add additional info about mediums used you are more then welcome to but it is not required.

Rules or stuff you need to know

  • 18+ only - I work for big kids. I will still draw your kid if you win if that is what you want but this is adult play time. 
  • open to all countries, why the hell not. 
  • open to all mediums
  • I will not post anything obviously done in straight bad taste art or not
  • ends Sunday April 15th, winner will be announced that same day 
  • e-mail all entries to attn: coloring 
If you have questions/comments/need clarification feel free to ask.
short of that

Happy Coloring.